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Personal insurance is always a good idea, and really should be considered a necessity. Having homeowners (or renters insurance), auto, life or perhaps an umbrella insurance policy can give you the security that lets you rest easy.

Health Insurance: Purchasing individual health insurance is a big decision, but can be quite confusing. We are appointed with many different carriers and can find the plan that best suits your needs. To see different plans offered with Blue Cross, you can click the following link. You will even be able to fill out your application

Home Insurance: Today's construction costs are much different than they were five years ago and are constantly changing. Annual reviews with our current customers will insure that your home is properly insured. We will put together a proposal that covers you from beginning to end. We can insure any home in the state of California from the average suburban home to your vacation home in the mountains. Your home is typically your biggest investment. Have an expert at Light Insurance give you peace of mind.

Condo Insurance: Your HOA policy will rebuild your condo without any finish work which includes cabinets, flooring, paint, baseboards etc. A separate condo policy will insure your finish work along with your personal property and give you liability insurance. Condo insurance is typically not required by your mortgage company so can be overlooked. Don't let this happen.

Renters Insurance: Get all your personal property covered in the event of a loss. This policy also comes with liability insurance.

Auto Insurance: California minimum liability limits for auto insurance have not been updated since the 1950's and remain at 15/30/5. Living in the litigious world we currently live in requires higher liability limits. We can typically offer higher limits at little or no increase to your current auto premiums by packaging them together with Homeowners, Renters or Condo insurance.

Umbrella Coverage: This coverage will give you anywhere from $1,000,000 up to what ever you need, extra liability coverage on top of your home and autos. This coverage can sit on top of your recreational vehicles as well. Every client that owns their own home should look into having an umbrella policy.

Life Insurance: You can pay for car insurance your entire life and never use it once. Life insurance is the one insurance that is guaranteed to pay out. This can be the most important insurance policy you will ever have your entire life. We offer numerous types of life insurance and will cater each package to your families needs.


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